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Music, both composing and implementation of the classical guitar is Etbin's thread, which in addition to art, especially graphic design, in the myriad of activities intertwined with participation in film, theatre, radio, television and multimedia projects. Complementary integrity of the latter has above all acquired a new dimension with the help of empathy, which led this musical recluse to various forms of socializing - from group improvisation and creating scores for chamber ensembles to music education, social work with children and vulnerable groups of people on the periphery of society.

Etbin was born in late 1952 in Ljubljana, where he was also heard to sing for the first time. Later he learned to play the violin until the age of fourteen when he got his first guitar. He soon came to realize that this polyphonic instrument, very convenient for accompanying vocals and diatonic harmonica, provided a unique self-sufficiency in musical performance.

In 1971 he graduated from the Graphics Department of the School of Design and immediately embarked on a one-year training in the U.S. On his return, he enrolled at the Fine Arts Department of the Education Academy and spent a year teaching art in elementary school. During his studies he worked as an art and technical editor for numerous publications (Tribuna, Problemi) and his design work received several awards (Zlata ptica). Etbin is a longtime member of the Designers Society of Slovenia.

Even though he had been performing guitar recitals and participating in various acoustic ensembles since 1973, he returned to music school in 1976.

In the latter half of the seventies Etbin was a sound researcher and music editor at the Ljubljana Radio Student, one of the oldest student radio stations in Europe (founded in 1969). His longstanding work has contributed to the spread of musical horizons and general audio (radio) percep(detec)tion. In the years 1976/77 he continually recorded his musical compositions (Artice horulae, Somrak, S pepelom posuto) and experimental sound broadcasts (Urna glasba), participated in radio plays and carried out a number of cabaret performances.

A short film on his finger dance music Ples prstov (1974) was made with photographer and cameraman Jaka Bregar. He participated as a consultant in several documentary films and played a musician in Karpo Godina's feature film Red Boogie (1982).

Between 1975 and 1992, sinergetic presentations of his art and music appeared in performances of the multimedia groups Om produkcija, AVI (Audiovizualni Inzeniring), Cavis, Most and Egon March Institute, which resulted in his work being seen and heard throughout Yugoslavia and Europe.

He has mentored numerous music workshops and has taught guitar since 1984. He worked with war displaced children's orchestras as a 'music and art activist' for the Exiles Project (Projekt pregnanci), under the auspices of KUD France Preseren in Ljubljana, and performed at numerous international humanitarian events (All Different - All Equal in the hall of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, 1995). For their work, the Exiles Project received several awards (Eurovision, Tampere 1994).

In addition to intensive musical socializing with children in kindergartens – approximately one thousand participated in his 2008 workshop 'Between Silence and Noise' - Etbin works in schools across Slovenia and cooperates with the Centre for Social Work (CSD Ljubljana-Center).

Although Etbin is known mostly for recitals of his own music for guitar, often enriched with mouth harmonicas and vocals, but since 2005 he has also written music for guitar and chamber instruments performed by the ensemble Ante portas (since 2005).